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Progress on crucial work enhancing access to SRHR in Kiribati

Friday, July 24, 2020

International News

Kiribati Family Health Association (KFHA) and Family Planning New Zealand are delighted to be able to progress crucial work enhancing access to sexual and reproductive health and rights in Kiribati thanks to continued support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

KFHA Executive Director Norma Yeeting and Family Planning Chief Executive Jackie Edmond.

Phase three of the Healthy Families project kicked off at the start of July with the Executive Director of KFHA saying “We are all inspired, excited and thankful to the Government of New Zealand and Family Planning New Zealand for their continuing support to KFHA through the Healthy Family Project. Under the project partnership between the two organizations continues to grow stronger and will remain treasured in the heart of all the staff and volunteers at KFHA.”

This follows on from many great successes in phase two including higher numbers of people getting tested for STIs, higher rates of women getting cervical screening and comes at the same time as the Kiribati national survey announces a reduction in the number of women who are unable to access contraceptives.

“We are thrilled to be able to continue this longstanding partnership with KFHA for a further five years and build on the positive changes already experienced by many in Kiribati” says Jackie Edmond, Chief Executive of Family Planning.


Clinical training facilitated by Family Planning and KFHA clinicians. 



KFHA Youth volunteers preparing to distribute free condoms at designated points across the capital of South Tarawa in Kiribati.

KFHA Youth volunteers during condom distribution in the capital of South Tarawa, Kiribati.


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