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Primary health care and equity front and centre in report

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Media Release

Putting primary health care and equity at the centre of the Health and Disability System Review is a real positive of the report, Family Planning says.

As a provider of primary health care, we appreciate how important population and public health services are to general wellbeing, improved health outcomes and equity.

Our chief executive says there are a number of positives within the report:

  • The proposal to establish a Māori Health Authority.
  • The focus on primary health care.
  • Population and public health will drive all strategies and outcome measures.
  • The role of a new crown entity like the proposed Health New Zealand, in particular the guidance and consistency in commissioning and contracting protocols.
  • The priority given to prevention and addressing inequities by expanding service coverage in areas of highest need.

“Like many, we are looking for more detail around how the report will be implemented, in particular we want to understand how it will impact our work across sexual and reproductive health,” Ms Edmond says.

Read the report.

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