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Jadelle implant now free for under 22s

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

National News

Getting a contraceptive implant (Jadelle) just got easier and cheaper.

Women no longer need to collect the implant themselves from the pharmacy, or pay a prescription fee.

This means the Jadelle implant is now completely free for people under 22.

For clients 22 years and older, an appointment fee will still apply ($27.00, or $5.00 for Community Services Card holders). A $10 dressing fee is also payable by people over 22 and without a Community Services Card.

This decision by PHARMAC has removed the last remaining cost for young people under 22 wishing to have a contraceptive implant.

If you think you’d like to get a contraceptive implant or you’d like to talk to a nurse about whether this is an option that would suit you, call your nearest clinic to make an appointment. You might even be able to have your appointment on the phone.

Contraceptive Implant:

  • Lasts up to five years
  • More than 99% effective
  • Your bleeding pattern may change, but we can help with that.

Cover image: IPPF/Graeme Robertson/Venezuela

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