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Transgender Week of Awareness

Saturday, November 14, 2015

National News

Transgender Week of Awareness kicks off from November the 14th and to celebrate, we’re bringing you a fabulous comic from I’m Local, a new resource project launched by Rainbow Youth.

Queer and Trans* 101 takes us through some of the many gender and sexual identities of people living in New Zealand.

So if words like tangata ira tane, gender queer, or “zhe” and “hir” seem a bit unfamiliar to you, then we think Transgender Week of Awareness is the perfect time to learn, or have a quick refresher, of these different identities.

 TAW 2015 1

 TAW 2015 2

TAW 2015 3

TAW 2015 4

TAW 2015 5TAW 2015 6

TAW 2015 7

TAW 2015 8

We can summarise it like this: gender is who you feel you are, and everyone has a gender identity. Sexuality is who you're attracted to.

It doesn't matter if you can't remember all the terms - just approach people with a respectful attitude and you'll be great!

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