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Kiribati research: Cost-benefit of family planning

Thursday, April 24, 2014

International News

The Government of Kiribati could save up to AUD$18.8 million in health and education expenditure over 15 years by investing in family planning, according to our new research.

Kiribati has the third highest unmet need for family planning in the Pacific, with 28 per cent of married women of reproductive age wanting to avoid pregnancy but not using contraception.

The study, Investment in Family Planning in Kiribati: a cost-benefit analysis, looks at what it would cost to meet this need, and the health, economic and social benefits that such an investment would bring to Kiribati.

The results of the study were presented to Kiribati’s Population Taskforce in March and were well-received, with the Chair of the Taskforce, Teea Tira, openly expressing her support. Ms. Tira is also the Secretary to Cabinet and said she will be taking the report to Cabinet.

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