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Navigating The Journey - Years 1 - 2, And Guide (e-resource)

Navigating The Journey - Years 1 - 2, And Guide (e-resource)

Navigating The Journey - Years 1 - 2, And Guide (e-resource)

Navigating the journey: Sexuality education Te takahi i te ara: Whakaakoranga hōkakatanga For students in years 1 -2 is a relationship and sexuality education resource developed for teachers of students in years 1-2 in Aotearoa New Zealand.

This resource provides curriculum aligned learning activities, supplementary teaching materials, extension and alternate year activities.

Learning opportunities are explored within five themes:

  1. Establishing a positive learning environment: Te whakarite i tētahi ao ako huapai
  2. Who am I? Ko wai au?
  3. Relationships: Ngā whanaungatanga
  4. Growing and changing: Te tipu me te huri o te tangata
  5. Staying safe: Te noho haumaru


Accompanying this year 1-2 resource is A guide for the Year 1-10 resources. This guide provides background information for the planning and teaching of relationship and sexuality education and information across all our sexuality education resources.

It includes curriculum aligned information and provides teachers with aspects to consider in preparation and delivery, such as inclusive learning environments and answering student questions.


Format: two downloadable PDFs – PDF links will be supplied via email.

Produced by Family Planning in 2018.

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