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Your rights

Ō mōtika

Your rights are important – we are committed to ensuring you receive your rights when you use our services or work with us.

Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights

We are committed to meeting our duties and obligations as set out in the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights.

We will treat you in the following way when you visit one of our clinics, use our services or take part in a teaching or research project.

Right 1 – Respect

You will always be treated with respect. This includes respect for your culture, values, and beliefs, as well as your personal privacy.

Right 2 – Fair treatment

We will not discriminate against you, pressure you into something you do not want, or take advantage of you in any way.

Right 3 – Dignity and independent

Our services will support you to live a dignified, independent life.

Right 4 – Proper standards

You will be treated with care and skill, and will receive services that reflect your needs. We will work together with all those involved in your care.

Right 5 – Communication

We will listen to you, understand you and give you information in whatever way you need. When it is necessary and practicable we will use an interpreter.

Right 6 – Information

We will explain your condition and tell you what your choices are. This includes how long you might have to wait, an estimate of any costs, and the likely benefits and side effects of any treatment. You can ask any questions to help you be fully informed.

Right 7 – It’s your decision

It is up to you to decide. We will not say no or try to change your mind.

Right 8 – Support

You can bring a support person or persons with you.

Right 9 – Teaching and research

All these rights apply if you are taking part in a teaching or research project.

Right 10 – Complaints

It is okay to complain. Your feedback helps improve our services. It is easy for you to make a complaint, and it will not affect the way you are treated.

You can read the Code in full on the Health & Disability Commissioner website

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