COVID-19: Update 15 September

Level 4: Limited face-to-face appointments are now available in our Auckland clinics. We are also offering phone consultations where we can help with emergency contraception, pill repeats, condom prescriptions, pre IUD and pre implant appointments. We may also be able to offer bridging contraception until we’re able to see you in the clinic again.

Level 2: We are able to offer all services in our clinics at Level 2. We are also offering many services over the phone to reduce the number of people in clinics. We have the following COVID precautions in place:

  • You will be COVID-screened before your appointment and on arrival at the clinic. Please do not come to the clinic if you are unwell.
  • To help with social distancing, please do not bring a support person to the clinic unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • Please do not bring children to the clinic.
  • Please wear your mask to your appointment and make sure to scan on arrival.
  • If there is a charge for your appointment, contactless payment is preferred.



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Fees and Charges Non-NZ Residents

Ngā utu mā te hunga nō rāwāhi

Anyone can come to a Family Planning clinic, but if you are not a New Zealand Resident, you will have to pay non-resident fees. 

There are two appointment types:



Procedure appointment


Other Charges

Prescription charge for most items Cost of the medication – this varies between pharmacies
STI Test Appointment ($140) + cost of test
Pregnancy Test  Appointment ($140) 
Depo Provera Injection  Appointment ($140) + cost of Depo Provera
Intra Uterine Device (IUD) - hormonal and non-hormonal
Pre-IUD appointment
IUD Insertion appointment

Appointment ($140) + cost of tests
Appointment ($170) + cost of IUD

Pre-Implant appointment
Implant insertion/removal

Appointment ($140)
Appointment ($170) + cost of Implant

Cervical Smear Test Appointment ($140) + cost of test
HPV Vaccination
Requires three visits, for three vaccinations.
Total cost for the three vaccinations

Appointment ($140) +  cost of each vaccine ($180)

Prices effective from 3 August 2020.

Family Planning has clinics located throughout New Zealand. Use the clinic finder to find your nearest clinic.

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