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Alcohol and drugs

Alcohol and drugs can alter your perceptions, emotions and judgement and may result in you doing things sexually you wouldn’t usually do.

What do alcohol and drugs do?

Alcohol can alter your perceptions, emotions, movement, vision and hearing. Even though a little bit of alcohol can make you feel relaxed or less anxious, it is actually a depressant.

This means it slows down your body’s central nervous system and blocks some of the messages trying to get to your brain.

How can alcohol and drugs affect sexual behaviour?

Drinking alcohol or taking drugs can alter your judgement. It may result in you doing things you otherwise wouldn’t do, such as having unprotected sex with someone.

Being really out of it, on either drugs or alcohol, can also leave you more vulnerable to predatory behaviour.

How can I be safe if I am going to be drinking?

Before you start drinking, decide how sober and in control you want to be. Think about your safety and the group of people you’re going to be with. Are they good friends? Will they take care of you if you can’t take care of yourself?

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