Comparing the cost of contraception

Saturday, February 1, 2014


With so many contraceptive options available it can be hard to know which one to choose. This month we look at the cost of each contraceptive method.

We’ll focus on the cost of getting contraception at a our clinics. The consultation charges for New Zealand residents are:

  • Under 22: Free
  • 22 and over with Community Services Card: $5.00
  • 22 and over with no Community Services Card: $27.00

The information in this post may vary according to your DHB, pharmacy and area. And of course, there are many other factors to think about when choosing your contraception – you can talk about these with your GP or Family Planning clinician.

Money Matters

The information below shows the cost of different types of contraception at our clinics, not including the consultation charge.

You need to visit a clinic for most contraceptive methods. The only exceptions are when buying condoms without a prescription (at supermarkets, dairies etc.) or when buying the Emergency Contraceptive Pill without a prescription.

Barrier Methods

Male Condoms
Cost*: $5.00 for up to 144 condoms
Timeframe: Use a new condom every time and check the expiry date
Notes: Between $12.00 and $20.00 for a pack of 12 without a prescription, plus extra for lube

Costs*: $5.00
Timeframe: Re-usable
Notes: Costs extra for spermicide

Oral Contraceptive Pill

Cost*: $5.00
Timeframe: 6 month supply

Cost*: Over $100.00 for some types
Timeframe: 6 month supply

Long-Acting Reversible Contraception Methods (LARCs)

Cost*: $333.00
Timeframe: 5 years
Notes: $5 if you meet Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Criteria

Copper IUD
Cost*: No cost
Timeframe: 5 years or more

Cost*: $22.00
Timeframe: 5 years

Cost*: $270.00 (approx.)
Timeframe: 3 years

Depo Provera Injection
Cost*: No cost
Timeframe: 12 weeks

Nuva Ring
Cost*: $90.00 (approx.)
Timeframe: 3 month supply

Emergency Contraceptive Pill

Cost*: No cost for one from the clinic, $5.00 for prescription for two more
Timeframe: Only protects from pregnancy after unprotected sex, up to 3 days
Notes: Between $40.00 and $80.00 without a prescription at most chemists

* (Costs are for NZ Residents)

Do I really need a prescription for condoms?

You can buy condoms without a prescription in supermarkets, dairies, chemists and lots of other places. They cost between $12.00 and $20.00 for a pack of 12.

Or for $5.00 you can get up to 144 condoms with a prescription. You can even choose the size and type of condom you would like.

People of any age can get a prescription for and buy condoms, including those under 16.

A note about LARCs

Jadelle is a contraceptive implant that is fully funded. However, there is a small dressing and prescription fee. This is $22.00 at Family Planning clinics.

Mirena is fully funded for very heavy menstrual bleeding that has made you anaemic and if medicines have not helped. If you suffer from heavy periods talk to your doctor or Family Planning clinician about getting Mirena for free.

Work and Income Grant

Work and Income offers a Long-Acting Reversible Contraception Special Needs Grant. This is available to:

  • women receiving Youth Payment or Young Parent Payment
  • women on a benefit (including partners) with or without children (not Job Seeker Support - Student Hardship)
  • women aged 16 years and over who are the dependent children of someone on a benefit.

The grant pays for the costs of getting a subsidised LARC. Examples of these costs include consultation charges and prescription fees.

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The costs on this page were accurate at time this page was published. For up-to-date costs visit our Fees page.

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