Health promotion

We deliver specialist sexual and reproductive health education.

Our health promotion work provides programmes and courses on all aspects of sexual health and relationships.

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Are you a teacher, school nurse, youth or community worker?

Need some support with your sexuality education programme or talking to young people about sexuality and relationships?

You can request a free, one-on-one Skype consultation with our health promotion staff. We provide advice and support on a wide range of topics.

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Specialist sexual and reproductive health education

We have 15 health promotion units delivering specialist sexual and reproductive health education.

We work with a range of groups and organisations including schools, parents, young people, special interest groups, community groups, professionals and others.

Sexuality and relationships programmes

We provide sexuality and relationships programmes in schools, alternative education, teenage parent groups, independent training organisations, and through community groups and agencies.

These programmes meet the requirements of the Health and Physical Education Curriculum.

Health promotion workshops

We offer a selection of health promotion workshops on all non-clinical aspects of sexuality and relationships for parents and carers, teachers, community workers and adults.

Workshops for teachers and community workers include topics such as:

  • talking with children about sex and sexuality
  • peer education
  • contraception
  • sexuality and relationships.

Workshops for parents, carers and adults include topics such as:

  • menopause
  • talking with children about sex and sexuality
  • peer education
  • postnatal sexuality
  • contraception
  • sexuality and relationships.

Tailor workshops for your community

Workshops can also be tailored towards your community. Content and topics can be adapted to suit the age group of your young people. 

For example, they can be specifically for parents and caregivers of young people with disabilities, for religious groups or for young/teen parents.

Contact our health promotion team for more information about our health promotion workshops.

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